Equity and Inclusion

We promote initiatives that eliminate employment barriers and ensure dignity, respect and full citizenship rights for skilled newcomers. Our work is guided by ensuring that newcomer women, men and youth of diverse cultures, races, languages and faiths have equitable access to services and programs.

Excellence and Innovation

We are committed to achieve the highest professional standards of excellence and to continually raise the service bar.


We recognize each member's independence and accountability, both corporately and as unique service providers. We are committed to processes that promote transparency. We engage in honest and open dialogue with each other and our stakeholders.

Outcome Orientation

We believe the value of our work is demonstrated by its impact on newcomers, employers and the workplace. We are committed to evaluating programs and contributing knowledge that will guide the best results.

Community Based Service

We believe the best service is anchored in a community, where agencies and colleges work in partnership with newcomers, employers, governments and community stakeholders to shape responsive and accessible programs.


We seek opportunities for partnership with each other and encourage partnerships with other groups in the communities we serve.


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