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ACCES Employment assists job seekers from diverse backgrounds to find employment and integrate into the Canadian job market. We work closely with employers across the GTA and have additional expertise in the finance, information technology, human resources, engineering, sales and marketing and supply chain sectors. We provide services from five locations across the GTA.


Tel: 416-921-1800

At COSTI we understand that success means different things to different people. By filling people's lives with opportunities for success, we're helping build a strong and prosperous community. COSTI provides the means to a brighter future.


Tel: 416-588-2240 | 905-669-JOBS

Humber offers a broad range of employment services and training programs to support all job seekers in the community to meet their desired employment goals through our five employment service locations in Toronto and Brampton. In addition, we offer tailored programs to meet the needs of internationally trained individuals. These include academic advising, language classes, mentoring and bridging programs that offer short-term, technical training to help individuals reestablish themselves in Canada. We also work closely with employers in the GTA to assist them in gaining access to the right talent to meet their hiring needs.


Tel: 1-877-944-5744

Job Skills, a dynamic, non-profit community-based employment training agency, provides a wide range of employment, newcomer, business and employer services and programs designed to give individuals the skills needed to be competitive in today’s labour force.


Tel: 1-866-592-6278

JobStart is a community based, not for profit agency that has been serving job seekers and employers in the GTA since 1980. The agency provides a range of employment, training and settlement services to adults, internationally trained professionals, and newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, students and youth at three locations in Toronto.


Tel: 416-231-2295 | TTY: 416-253-2726

JVS Toronto provides innovative employment programs, mentoring and pre-arrival services to help internationally trained professionals integrate into the Canadian job market. We also offer an expansive range of employment, educational and social support programs and services for newcomers, youth, children, people with disabilities, the unemployed and underemployed.


Tel: 416-787-1151

Skills for Change is known for pioneering programs that respond to shifting immigration and workplace trends and lead to employment. We offer a range of programs including information and referral, English language assessment, English language instruction, integrated language/skills training, employment preparation, business skills, mentoring and settlement services.


Tel: 416-658-3101



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