Sharing the Benefits of the Employer Services Network: A Model of Job Development Coordination

The Employer Services Network (ESN) is a collaborative initiative among employment service providers in the CASIP network in the Greater Toronto Area.

Through resource-sharing, the Employer Services Network enhances access to job opportunities for clients of the network’s 11 partner organizations while at the same time offering employers an expanded pool of highly-qualified skilled immigrant talent to meet their hiring needs.

While the initial concept of the Employer Services Network was piloted in 2007, it emerged as a flagship project in 2011 when CASIP received funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to continue to expand the services provided to employers as well as skilled immigrant job seekers.

The Employer Services Network achieves this by utilizing several supports to develop and streamline activities across its network. Tools include:

  • a job sharing website that allows for pooling employment opportunities with the broader network;
  • monthly meetings among Job Developers across the partner organizations to share knowledge on the resources and opportunities being shared; and,
  • regular learning and networking opportunities that bring employers, job-seekers, Job Developers and other stakeholders together to develop capacity around immigrant hiring.

Based on the success of this collaborative effort, CASIP is looking at ways to share its learnings with others. The consortium has been reaching out to others supporting skilled immigrants to successfully enter the Canadian labour market, both in Ontario and across the country.

The group has developed a Toolkit outlining the Employer Services Model, the Program Components, Critical Factors for Success and Resource Requirements to assist those organizations that might want to replicate, adapt and apply the Employer Services Network (ESN) model to their own collaborative efforts.

In the Greater Toronto area, CASIP is looking to expand opportunities to work with new service providers to provide referrals and support to the Employer Services Network thus making the model an even more robust, and responsive network.



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