CASIP focuses its activities in four areas:

  • Employer Support
  • Information Sharing
  • Training and Development
  • Action Research and Advocacy

Employer Support

CASIP members work together to provide the best possible support for employers. We share job postings across organizations through our Employer Services Network, giving employers access to a broader pool of candidates. Our network helps companies tap into a vast array of talent in Ontario‘s skilled immigrant workforce. We work with employers to find the right skilled immigrants for their needs and provide resources to help successfully integrate them into the workplace.

We promote dialogue events with employers to discuss their needs, challenges and experiences.

Information Sharing

Sharing of information and tools for service delivery to job seekers and employers is fundamental to CASIP's collaboration. We take advantage of the outstanding programs and activities developed by our members, and exchange these best practices. CASIP's current focus is on areas that support the Employment Ontario model.

CASIP meets regularly to discuss the challenges our member organizations face, and to develop ideas and solutions. We also look broadly at issues affecting employment, such as the legislative framework, the economy and policy issues.

Training and Development

One of our strengths as a consortium is working together to build the capacity and skills of the staff of our member organizations. This helps to improve standards throughout the sector, to the benefit of both our job seeker and employer clients.

Joint professional development has included capacity building sessions for front line staff, and collaborative training with organizations such as Toronto Workforce Innovation Group and the Alliance of Sector Councils.

Our current training priorities are focused on providing staff with the skills needed to support Employment Ontario. These include skills on case management, client services, wage subsidy assignment and Second Career training.

CASIP shares ideas and best practices more broadly through workshops and conferences.

Action Research Advocacy

CASIP member organizations work at a community level, with employers and job seekers. We plan to use this experience to conduct action-based research so as to expand our knowledge and call attention to critical issues.

By analyzing our collective data, we will be able to recommend changes and thus promote the interests of job seekers and the service delivery system.

In addition to these network activities, CASIP member agencies provide services to job seekers and employers.

CASIP is guided by the strategies and initiatives set out in our Service Collaboration Plan.


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